ENA Amber Natural Deodorant

ENA Amber Natural Deodorant

ENA AMBER Natural Deodorants with Natural Alum Stone
(Paraben free - Aluminum salts free - Alcohol free)

Known and used since Antiquity, Alum Stone is a Natural Stone, which does indeed contain aluminum. In reality, it is a double aluminum and potassium sulfate (Potassium Alum). It is found in several forms: either it is natural and then occurs in the form of a recrystallized ore after quarrying (it is also found sold in powder form); either it is said to be "synthetic" or reconstituted. In the latter case, it is no longer composed of Potassium Alum, but of aluminum and ammonium sulfate (Ammonium alum).

Naturally astringent, the Natural Deodorant ENA AMBER with Alum Stone clogs the pores and the sweat glands and mechanically limits perspiration and in fact, the odors linked to the latter.

ENA AMBER Powder Deodorants come with a well-studied applicator
against allergies and irritations.
It should be applied to a clean, dry armpit.

ENA AMBER natural deodorants
do not leave stains on the skin,
nor traces on the clothes.

ENA Natural Deodorant

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Natural Alum Stone

ENA Natural Deodorant

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Natural Alum Stone

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