ENA Natural Deodorant 
at the Alum Stone

ENA Natural Deodorant

For all types of armpits

ENA Deodorants

ENA Natural Deodorant, Without Aluminum Salts,
Paraben and Alcohol Free

ENA Lemon Men's Natural Deodorant

  • Alum stone 
  • Relieves irritated skin

ENA Tropical Natural Deodorant

ENA Oriental Natural Deodorant

  • Alum stone
  • Tonic action

ENA Flowers Natural Deodorant

  • Alum stone
  • Firming action

Alum stone without Aluminum salts

Anti-inflammatory, it also relieves skin irritated by shaving, and at the same time, prevents bleeding caused by micro-cuts. And still because it is astringent, it limits the formation of ingrown hairs.

In oily skin, it will act as a matifying treatment because it tightens the pores.

ENA Decorants combine the benefits of natural Alum Stone, from which potassium alum (harmful) has been extracted and replaced by ammonium alum, neutral for health and which does not run the risk of crossing the skin.

ENA Decorators use natural fragrances (Lemon, Amber, Tropical, Oriental, Flowers, Chlly, etc.) to enhance the use of the ENA Natural Deodorant, without creating an allergy.

Natural Alum Stone

Alum stone is mined in various parts of the world.
Reconstituted in a synthetic form, it is made of ammonium alum, without parabens, it is safe for health. It has an anti-odor power.
As a natural deodorant, just apply the natural powder with the tempon the ENA Deodorant
underarms, previously cleaned and dry.
It will have a tonic and firming action.

ENA deodorant
Without Aluminum Salts

    ENA Deodorants

for Men

ENA deodorant
Deodorant Naturel ENA pour Femmes

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ENA deodorants

ENA Natural Deodorant

ENA Chilly Natural Deodorant

ENA Natural Deodorant
without aluminum salts

ENA Natural Deodorant with Alum Stone

Testimonials from our customers

"At my wedding"

Nadine Lecompte

A nice memories. It did not leave marks on my clothes, nor stains on my body.
Highly recommended.

"Experience to renew"


Have a deodorant without aluminum salts, parabens, alcohol
it gave me more confidence and more confidence.


Martine Legrand

My first Deodorant

"Feel the freshness, without risks"


Preserve my skin, do not leave marks on the body and do not have stains on my clothes.
It was important in my selection criterias for the ENA Decorant

ENA Natural Deodorant

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Natural Alum Stone

ENA Natural Deodorant

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Natural Alum Stone

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